Thursday, August 01, 2013

2013 August Happiness Challenge -- Day 1

Today's happiness: My job. Yeah, I know I complain about it. A lot. And there's much about it that isn't perfect. BUT, as I sit here, preparing to shut down the computer and head home, it occurs to me that it offers me much to be grateful for:

•  The location. The view from my desk is breathtaking. I can see sailboats on Lake Michigan from here.

•  My client. I really respect them. That's a blessing. I have had clients in the past that got off on making their agency jump through small, fiery hoops. My client's corporate culture is open and honest and collaborative -- a rarity!

•  It's a good fit. There are times that I realize that the assignments we get match up well with my skillset and that I am good at this job.

How about you? What's made you happy this fine August day?


  1. i posted! thanks for doing this. is there a link up? my blog:

  2. To have a view of the sailboats on Lake Michigan sounds awesome. I have joined your happiness challenge thanks to our mutual friend Kwizgiver....

  3. Well, I got started a day late, but what the hell, right? I've loved this challenge in the past--thanks for bringing it to us! My post can be found at:

  4. Cool idea! I joined in on my blog...


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