Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jodi Arias: Betty Broderick Redux

Betty Broderick was the defendant in one of the first trials ever covered by TV, gavel to gavel. In 1989, she shot her ex-husband Dan and his younger, second wife Linda as they slept. Five times. Pre-dawn. In their own bed. In their own home. That she snuck into, using a key stolen from their eldest daughter.

Her defense? They drove her to it. By sleeping in their own bed in their own home before sunrise on a Sunday morning. I can see why she felt threatened.

There is no evidence of any abuse at the hands of ex-husband Dan. There is however, record of the $9,000/month he gave her. Even though she had relinquished custody of their children to him. With inflation, that's $18,900/month in today's dollars ... or $228,000/year. All for herself (remember, he had their kids.) In exchange, all he wanted was to be left alone. He took out restraining orders against Betty and she violated each and every once, once driving her Suburban (paid for by Dan) through his front door.

Believe it or not, there are women out there who don't revile Betty. They sympathize with and idolize her! Betty is big on jailhouse interviews and loves answering her "fan mail." Shudder.

Don't take my word for what a narcissistic, murderous bitch Betty is. 
Read CNN's account of her most recent and very colorful parole hearing here.

Jodi Arias is the 2013 model of Betty Broderick. I can't help but notice the similarities between these two high profile killers. Jodi murdered her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander because he drove her to it. While Dan and Linda put Betty in imminent physical peril by sleeping in their own bed, Travis terrified Jodi by being nude and vulnerable in his own shower. Just as Dan's real sin was growing weary of his batshit crazy, wildly self-centered ex-wife, Travis' was choosing to go to Cancun with someone other than his batshit crazy, wildly self-centered ex-girlfriend. Like Betty, Jodi has never met a TV camera she didn't like and like Betty, she can't stop sliming the man she murdered.

While Jodi's crime was more savage and hands-on (she used a knife), Betty's body count was double and through her monstrously selfish act she left her children parent-less. So which cold-blooded murderer is "worse?" I'll leave that for God to sort out.

As an old school feminist, I'm glad that Jodi isn't garnering the fan base Betty did. Maybe the times, they are finally a-changing, and women are beginning to own their lives and their choices. "Poor little me. He made me do it!" doesn't seem to wash anymore.

Both photos are from CNN

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  1. I still can't believe that Betty Broderick got such a light sentence for a clearly premeditated double murder. True, Dan was a royal jerk, but didn't deserve to be gunned down in his bed. In any different venue than 21st Century California, Betty would have swung from a rope.


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