Wednesday, May 01, 2013

But it did the trick

Yesterday was the first day that warranted me firing up the air conditioners. The little one in my bedroom took a long time to cool things down, but eventually it did.

It's the one in my livingroom that causes me guilt. This is the big, through the wall unit I'm replacing on Friday. It worked. It's 10 years old, it's been repaired twice, it's louder than an el train and the motor sounds like a death rattle, but it did work. So I feel like a spendthrift and bad steward of the environment for getting rid of it.

Sears is hauling it away for me and they promise to recycle it. So that's good. But still, it feels wasteful.

I must remember that I spent $110 to fix it last spring, and that at that time the repairman only promised it would make it through that summer, not this one. Better, I suppose, to spend the $700 now (on sale, including installation and haul away of the existing unit) than to be stuck without a/c.

I don't do heat.

Here I am, in my mid 50s, and I still hate being a grown up.


  1. You will save so much $$$ you won''t believe it. Air conditioners today are SO much ore efficient...

    I moved from a 2 bedroom apt with those old 220 line three prong plug A/Cs to a 4 bedroom home and it costs less to cool here....

  2. That bag o'guilt you drag around behind you feels mighty heavy. It might feel good to drop it now and again!

    Bud has a point - newer air conditioners are MUCH more efficient. You're doing a good thing all around!

    No guilt needed!

  3. One of the weird things about moving to New Mexico is the air conditioning situation. They use evaporative coolers here (affectionately known as "swamp coolers") rather than freon-based AC units (rare here, and known as "refrigerated air". The humidity here is always <24% so the evaporative coolers are very efficient. The weird part is...the run on water, which we have very little of. We'll see how much the water bill goes up...


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