Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sunday Stealling

Sunday Stealing: The Meme From Memphis 
(part one)

Be honest, who texted you last?
My friend Tom.

Do you sleep with the bedroom door open or closed?

Do you drink tea?
Not very often.

Do you have plans for tomorrow?
Monday it's back to work and back to the project that's due for internal review on (gulp!) Wednesday.

What’s worse: dry skin or chapped lips?
I'm suffering from both right now. I'll vote that chapped lips are worse because at least the maddeningly dry spot between my shoulders doesn't show.

Would you be surprised if Facebook started charging?
Charging individuals? Yes. Charging businesses? No.

Would you rather go to Canada or California on vacation?
California, because my oldest friend lives there and we had fun when I visited her last fall.
How many social media sites are you registered with?
Three: Linkedin, Twitter and FB.

Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants or pajama pants?

So, what if you changed lives for one day with the last person you texted?
That would be Tom, which would mean I'd suddenly be a newly-engaged thirtysomething Cuban American man, instead of a fiftysomething pale-as-paper old chick. I might like having some color to my skin.

Last person you told a secret to?
Tom again! Third Tom answer this meme. I told him a secret, but I must confess he didn't care.

What are you listening to at the moment?
I've got the TV on.

Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed?
I crashed on the sofa. I hate it when I do that.

Is there someone that you believe you will always be attached to?
Romantically? No. Emotionally? My best friend.

Are you going to any concerts this year?
If Bruce Springsteen's tour comes through Chicago again.

Do you believe in Karma?


  1. Funny, I didn't even know that Linked In WAS a social media site. I didn't know what it was but I keep getting requests from people I know on it. :o/

  2. I can't even count how many social media sites I belong to, personally and professionally...

  3. You're lucking living in Chicago--all the major acts come through there I would imagine. Albququerque? Not so much :)

  4. I think you may be right in your answer about facebook. Charging individuals would be a mistake.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  5. Hah! Chances are there will be a 2nd US leg for Bruce. I'm going to try for Detroit, Chicago and Ohio. hee hee I'm due. :)

  6. You think Bruce would come back for 2 summers in a row?

    I heard that MeTV is having Rhoda week this week- 8pm. I'm so bummed about her.

  7. You just reminded me that I need to head over to LinkedIn to make some connections happen, thanks!

  8. How did your project turn out? Did it pass the internal review?


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