Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random weekend update

Are you sick of hearing about this cold yet? It continues to bedevil me, though I believe the end is in sight. For while my eyes are still irritated and swallowing is still hard, I no longer sneeze and blow my nose into bloody tissues and I'm not coughing up multi-colored phlegm. (TMI? I'm sorry.)

All I did today was get my hair done and eat pizza. And sleep. And read a little.*

I was back in my hometown but assiduously avoided my mother's house. Today was the big estate sale. My sister reports that a lot of people were over there. Let's hope they bought and bought. I'd prefer my mother's belongings go to people who will appreciate them, rather than a dumpster.

If the washer and dryer don't sell, my sister wants to donate them to the local animal shelter. That would make me happy. Her cat came from there, as did my dreaded Reynaldo, so it's like they're family anyway. Also, it's nice to see my sister open her heart a bit.

*With Malice Toward None. As I read about Lincoln's youth in this same Illinois prairie where I sit now, I'm a little ashamed of what a baby I'm being about this cold. I mean, I do have luxuries like heat and OTC meds and taxis to comfort me. And it is just a cold!


  1. I have tremendous empathy for you during your illness. Because I live by myself, also, I have no outlet for sympathy... so I blog about being sick probably more than I should. Knock wood, I've been healthy so far this winter.

  2. hope by today you are feeling better. i am battling a bladder infection..ugh...
    thinking of your mom's sale today and hope all went well and this whole mess (your bully sister) will be over soon.

  3. I'm sick of having a cold. Surely some viagra research could be rerouted to that virus.


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