Friday, January 25, 2013

My favorite pizza

... is free pizza. For some reason, the agency ordered pizza for all of us this snowy Friday. I really appreciated it as I try to economize.

I'm still coughing from time to time. Hopefully that will end and on Monday I can resume spending my lunchtime at the health club.


  1. The cold seems to be lingering on and on and on for everybody! *knock wood* I haven't had it yet...

    My administration treated us to soups and stews and chilis and chowders for lunch as a reward for surviving the -20 temps and mid terms!

  2. yummy..i have been well too and praying i can stay well. it is cold here too but nothing like what Kwiz has to deal with...holy cow that is extreme!

  3. Yum, free pizza! Boo, lingering cough! Well, garlic is supposed to be good for congestion, so I hope you're feeling better.


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