Friday, December 14, 2012

The wait is over!

I got my coveted ticket to The Book of Mormon early this year -- at least 10 months ago. And this past Wednesday I finally saw it.

It really is that good. The staging is awesome, the score is memorable (I'm still hearing "I Believe" in my head) and the cast is great (Syesha Mercado of American Idol made her debut in Chicago).

And no, it's not shocking. It's vulgar and profane, yes. But my jaw didn't drop anywhere near as far as it did when I saw Seth MacFarlane's movie Ted.

And while it's irreverent, it's very affectionate and good hearted. I was worried that it would bash Mormonism and organized religion. But all the main characters are really very sweet and decent and you leave the theater thinking that maybe the world could indeed use more like them. Clearly I'm not alone in thinking this way: The LDS took out three pages of ads in the Playbill.

So when The Book of Mormon comes to your town, see it, see it, see it. It's higher concept and more original than South Park (which seems afflicted by sameness to me). Just be prepared for the adult (albeit good natured) material, and enjoy.


  1. Yeaaaa! We have tickets for January 3rd and can't wait. So glad you liked it and it was good.

  2. Glad you finally got to see it! Maybe I'll check it out if it comes to Provi.


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