Friday, December 14, 2012

Holidailies -- Day 14

Today's prompt: What is the best gift you ever gave someone?

The best gift I gave was to my niece. It wasn't for Christmas -- in fact, it was for no particular reason at all. The year was 1998. She was 6, and deep into the movie Anastasia. She used to walk around pretending to be Anastasia and could recite dialog. She was so Anastasia-obsessed that she had a dream about a mythic Anastasia Store that carried only Anastasia products. As her dream went, she could purchase everything Anastasia for $100, and she happened to have exactly $100 in her purse.

I went on eBay and purchased all the memorabilia I could find from all over the world (my favorite: plastic Anasastia medallions that had been packaged in cereal boxes in Ireland). I spread them out all over my apartment and put a sign on the front door: Anastasia Store -- Everything $100. The look on her face when she came in the door, the way she clasped her hands together under her chin and looked around the room in wonderment at the Anastasia dolls and books and puzzles and pillowcase, etc. was pure magic.

In a way, this was the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. I mean, how often in life do you get to make someone's dream come true?

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  1. that is absolutely the sweetest thing i've ever read. how lucky is she to have an aunt like you?! i would have loved to see her face :)


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