Friday, October 19, 2012

That whole "horse to water" thing

More than once, back in early August, I recommended that my newly-unemployed best friend talk to a career coach. I reasoned that he hadn't been happy at his last job for a very long time, and rather than just grasp at a similar position because it's familiar, he should get some outside perspective about his job search.

Yesterday he told me about this "new and different thing" he just tried. He met with a career coach! "I think it would be good to have someone really help me get some focus and clarity for myself and a career. In looking over my career, I don't think I ever really picked what I wanted to do, opportunities came-up and out of obligation I took them."

I just smiled and told him what good news it was.


  1. I'm glad he's being proactive. Even if he didn't quite get your advice when you gave it.

  2. Sometimes it takes men a really long time to take the hint, and it always seems to work better if they think it is somehow their idea.


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