Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I want this to all be behind us. My mother wants out of the nursing home she's in. She's currently sharing a room with three other people, all there for long-term hospice care. BUT that is because she was checked in last night at 11:00 PM* and they had nothing else available for her. If she's not in a semi private room today, she will be soon.

She just wants out. The home she's in is "not acceptable." It smells bad. The people in her room make nasty noises. It cannot possibly be the best we can do for her.

Um ... yeah, well it is. It got a 5-star rating from the Department of Health and Human Services and an A on Angie's List. And, thanks to Medicare, the first 20 days are free.

If she leaves there, we'll have to find 24/7 private nurses for her. I don't have thousands of dollars in a box under my bed to foot that bill. And besides, the facility she's in has an onsite pharmacy for pain management and facilities for respiratory and physical therapy, which she wouldn't get at home.

I know she's been through a lot and she's angry about being sick again. But she is where she needs to be.

*Their usual closing time is 8:00, so they stretched the rules to accommodate my mom.


  1. What a difficult situation. I hope she can relax and get the care and attention she needs.

  2. Anonymous7:32 PM

    This isn't useful other than to hopefully make you smile, but once I went to pick up my 89-year-old step-grandmother from the nursing home where she lived to bring her home for a party. When she saw me she struggled to her feet and declared proudly to her friends, in her thick Finnish accent, "that's my granddaughter. She's come to bust me outta this joint!"


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