Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Observations from the health club

I have worked out two of three lunch times this week, and both times I was in the locker room with a Kim Alexis look alike. Remember Kim? She was the face of Revlon back in the mid 80s and was a SI swimsuit model. The girl I work out with is too young to remember Ms. Alexis, which makes having her around even more demoralizing. I wish there was a way she could somehow be banished from the club -- or at least from the locker room -- when I'm around.

Then there was the guy that I shared the elevator with. He backed into the car with this head down (texting, of course) so I didn't see his face. But I didn't have to. The back of his head was so sweet. Hair freshly cut, with drops of shower water still clinging to it. I longed to touch it. I didn't, of course. That kind of behavior can get a gal arrested. But I really wanted to.

I don't think it's the cardio that leaves me exhausted after a workout. I bet it's really the envy and lust.

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  1. First of all! Thank you so much for the Leibster Award! Secondly, I know the feeling of longing to touch what you described. You are correct...not probably wise. Kim should be banned because it's upsetting to us regular folks! Too funny! Good for you on the workouts though!


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