Sunday, July 08, 2012


Guess what happened yesterday at about 4:00? A cool breeze began to blow. The temperature went down to the 80ºs and then, after darkness fell, the 70ºs. This is the coolest it's been for more than a week!

On side streets, with their tree lined parkways, you could really feel it right away. On the busy streets, less so. The concrete and tar have really sucked in the 100º heat.

But that's what I have learned from this heatwave. It's not so much how high the mercury reaches during the day as far it fall at night. After several days of 85º-65º, we'll steadily increase to 95º-75º. But that won't feel as brutal as the past 10 days have because that 20º dip gives everything a chance to cool off and find relief overnight.


  1. I'm 12 hours behind you right now in weather. It needs to hurry up and get here. The weather yesterday was brutal and you could feel the pressure of the heat against your body.


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