Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday Thirteen #177


These are the programs that aren't created by or broadcast by major networks in prime time. They are purchased and shown -- often during the day, early evening or late night -- by local channels. According to TV by the Numbers, these are the highest rated:

1) The Big Bang Theory (reruns) -- an average of 9,476,000 viewers every day

2) Judge Judy

3) Wheel of Fortune 

4) Jeopardy

5) Two and a Half Men (reruns)

6) Family Guy

7) Entertainment Tonight

8) How I Met Your Mother (reruns)

9) Family Feud

10) Law & Order (reruns)

11) Law & Order: SVU (reruns)

I admit that whenever I hear "the doink doink," I sit down and start watching.  

12) Inside Edition

13) Without a Trace (reruns)

BTW, Dr. Phil comes in at #15, with an average of 3,400,000 viewers each day, and Dr. Oz is #20, with 3,164,000.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show would make this list, but it's summer and her show takes a big dip in the ratings when it's in repeats.

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  1. I love The Big Bang Theory. We watch the reruns of that when there is nothing else on. Also big Jeopardy fans.

    But honestly, I would rather watch reruns of Gilligans Island than some of these other shows. LOL.

  2. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I've seen nearly every episode of Two of a Half Men through syndication because it's always on television...on several different channels. I'm happy to see Big Bang Theory on the list at #1-especially as it seems that TBS especially repeats the same few episodes over and over again rather then cycling through the past seasons.

  3. Stranglely I watch none of these more of a non fiction viewer I guess, and loved your Nora tribute

  4. The only ones I watch are numbers 1, 4, and 11. I am honestly surprised NCIS isn't on the list. This past year I have gotten into watching reruns of MASH on a local station's secondary channel (ME TV). Amazing how relevent material on the show is almost 30 years later!

  5. Anonymous11:28 AM

    My workday is filled with (among others) plenty of Sheldons. Cool list. Thanks.

  6. What? Seinfeld and I Love Lucy did't make it? Whaaaaa..........

  7. I don't know why people would watch Judge Judy. She drives me nuts. We keep having reruns of Friends in NZ. Over and over!

  8. Wooo, very interesting list!


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