Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I want everyone to take off their tinfoil beanies. Talking to my friend in the Keys last night, I was taken aback by how willing he is to see conspiracies. Not only is his former employer attempting to blackball him, but Mitt Romney is part of an evil cabal devoted to taking away all his rights as a gay man. He cites something supposedly said during the Romney boys' appearance on David Letterman (weren't they on with Conan?) as evidence. Huh? It gave me a headache.

I know that my friend's ongoing problem finding a job in his chosen field is depressing him. That's only natural. But this paranoia isn't healthy.

In response I told him that Mitt Romney is a perfectly lovely gentleman with whom we disagree on everything. That does not make him the Grand Wizard of All That Is Evil. And, while we're at it --

• Barack Obama is not a Kenyan-born Muslim working to eradicate Christmas
• George W. Bush did not participate in the 9/11 attacks
• The Clintons did not kill Vince Foster
• LBJ did not plot the murder of JFK
• The Kennedys did not kill Marilyn Monroe

Now, please, leave me alone with this shit. Thank you.


  1. Can we add more to this list? The moon landing was not faked!

  2. Well, I lean toward the tinfoil hat crowd, myself and while I don't totally buy all of them, some have more resonance with me than others.

    That said, I keep my thoughts about that on the DL because it's my personal fascination and I'm not about making others buy into it. It intrigues me. I am forever curious. :)

    And there really is NO way we can know all the pieces about anything. So, I just note what I see, what pings my woo-dar and keep going.

    I promise I won't rant about it in your presence, my dear Gal. :)

  3. Lisa, It strains credibility that we could know about a Presidential administration's role in covering up the death of Pat Tyl, or outing Valerie Plame, but not its role in 9/11. Or we could find out a President receiving a blow job but not his authorizing a hit on an old friend. Shall we consider the idea of Mexican gun running vs a plot to kill Christmas?

    Besides, the gist of my post was about my dear friend's unfortunate trend to seeing his misfortune -- which is tied to the economy -- as part of some paranoid, operatic plot that now includes Mitt Romney. Since I love him, I wish he could see himself as the captain of his own destiny and consider going on to get his PhD, instead of daydreaming about how Mitt Romney's sons are sending coded anti-gay signals out through a TV show they never even appeared on.


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