Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Crown of Creation

1. Do you understand a belief model based on creationism? Not really.

2. Is your house run more like a dictatorship or a democracy? I live alone. The only policy debate is among my personalities.

3. Are you likely to forgive a transgression and give someone a second chance? Depends on the person and the transgression.
4. Is religion a big part of your life? Yes

5. Do you feel your job (or your spouse's if you work at home) is safe? Yes

6. Do you believe in gay marriage? Why? Yes. Because the arguments against it are dopey. For example, if "marriage" is really only valid because God wants us to have children, then all marriages between people who are childless or where the woman is over 50 should be annulled.

7. Do you think the current U.S. war will lead to a more peaceful world? No.

8. Do you like people with swagger? I have been attracted to men with a certain air of confidence and cool, typified by Los Bandidos Yanquis.

9. What kind of budget do you live on, is it tight or carefree? Tight. I am working on that, though. I'm trying not to spend so much, and I have accepted a few freelance assignments to bring a little more in.


  1. I need to tighten up my budget. Those darn books, though, just catch my eye! And purses, and shoes, and and and...

  2. Love to see Butch & Sundance again. :)

  3. AAAAHHHHHHHHH....a young Robert and Paul....aaaahhhhhhh...... :)

    Have a great rest of your Saturday!

  4. Good answers. Love the debate between your personalities.


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