Saturday, June 09, 2012


I bought myself a Kindle Fire, and I'm loading it up with magazines. Hopefully this will help me get a handle on my wicked clutter problem because if I don't read one magazine before the new one arrives, I'll toss it but download it onto the Fire. That's how I came to carry four virtual issues of PEOPLE in my purse.

Reading them back-to-back-to-back-to-back, I discovered that "Chatter/One Last Thing" actually doesn't ask the same five questions each week -- though they do repeat "The Last Thing I Cooked" quite often. Anyway, since I am both a celebrity in my own mind and a fan of hard-hitting journalism, I am answering PEOPLE's probing questions here.

1) The Last Thing I Cooked was cornflakes as a late night snack

2) The Last Thing I Splurged On was my Kindle Fire

3) The Last Time I Drank Too Much was the first day of my vacation. Frosty lime rum punch at lunch and then a couple vodka crans with dinner.

4) The Last Gift I Received was brunch and a book from my old friend Kathy. She and I have decades of tortured history and I don't want to get sucked back into all the drama. I just saw her because I didn't want to be mean.

5) Last TV Show Obsession Is this not the most tumultuous season of Mad Men yet?

6) The Last Thing I Watched on TV The Today Show is on right now

7) The Last Junk Food I Ate I had a cheese dog for lunch yesterday

8) The Last Time I Laughed A coworker and I got the giggles yesterday over all the advice I have for Jennifer Aniston. What? Isn't she everyone's imaginary friend?

9) The Last Time I Cursed was when my cat Reynaldo dumped a box of corn flakes (see question #1) off the counter into his water bowl.

10) The Last Song I Sang was "Another Night." Fortunately Aretha drowned me out.

11) The Last Thing I Bought was a navy belt

12) My Last Workout was two days ago -- 25 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes on the Nautilus machines

13) The Last Time I Forgot My Wallet was two weeks ago, at the coffee shop I frequent. They were very nice about it -- I didn't have to wash dishes like Lucy and Ethel when they couldn't pay at the French restaurant -- but it was sooo embarrassing.

14) The Last Time I Said "I Love You" was in an email to a friend. I think that counts.

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