Sunday, May 20, 2012

Leaving it all for Sunday

My place is a real mess. My cat Reynaldo has completely destroyed my dining room -- knocking over all the framed photographs and sending stacks of paperwork flying onto the floor. I haven't put it back because ... well, he and I are still embarrassingly locked in one of our battles of will and I don't want him to see me responding to his bad behavior. Plus, when I put it back, he's just going to knock it all over again. Anyway, it's a sickening mess in there.

I have a professional organizer coming over at 8:00 AM on Monday. I must get stuff ready for her -- counter intuitive, I know, like cleaning before the cleaning service arrives. But I only have her for 3 hours and I want us to concentrate on paperwork so I've got to get the books and magazines and DVDs and purses and ... and ... and ... out of the way so she and I can work. Reynaldo is not helping. I should also vacuum, just in case my organizer has an issue with cat dander.

Neither is my complete lack of discipline. I have done nothing to prepare yet. All I did on Saturday was get my hair cut and grocery shopped the rest of the time napping and watching NCIS. I don't know why but I'm feeling kinda blue and just not inspired to do anything except procrastinate. I wasn't even following the NATO summit or the Crosstown Classic!

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  1. Be happy you didn't see the CUBS last night. They had a ninth inning rally but it was way late and more than a few short.


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