Sunday, May 06, 2012

Go, Cubs, Go!

Now today, THIS was a good game! The rain delay ran more than two hours. The pitcher originally pegged to start was battling the flu so a new puppy pitcher, Travis Wood, took the mound. He only allowed three hits in six innings and got a double.

These are new summer heroes for me -- Travis Wood, Darwin Barney, Bryan LaHair, Ian Stewart and David DeJesus, who got a walk in the 11th to force the winning run.

It's a new chapter. While April was really, well, difficult for Cub fans, I'm starting to feel the energy that comes in with the new regime.

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  1. God, I hope so!!! I start so enthused in April, then ok in June but by August I'm disgusted. Hopefully, Theo's got it going on.

    Sounds like you had fun! Read about the flu in the paper.


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