Friday, April 06, 2012

When the going gets tough, the tough go to the movies

I'm on vacation! Hurray! But I hate my kid sister and The Chocolate Covered Spider! Boo! So, in an effort to get my mind off my troubles and get into a more zen place so I can enjoy my time off, I thought I'd sit in the dark for a few (3.25) hours and watch Titanic in 3D.

It was the first time I'd seen it at the movie theater in more than a decade. While I'm not sure 3D enhanced the film itself that much, I know sitting there in the dark did. I've always been a sucker for the movie going experience, and I'm very glad I spent this time with Jack and Rose.

I have been watching Leo and Kate in movies so often and so regularly that it was jarring to see how much their appearances have changed since 1997. I knew while watching this the first time that this was a breakout, star-making performance for him. I'm surprised and impressed by her body of work (6 Oscar nominations by age 37 -- this puts her at a Streep-like pace).

And then there's the timeless tragedy itself. My oldest friend and I both are kinda into the Titanic story. She says it's because of all the times, each step of the way -- beginning with when the ship was designed and built, through the lookouts accidentally leaving their binoculars behind, to moving faster than was wise to arrive New York early, to not taking that iceberg threat seriously -- that disaster could have been averted ... but wasn't. That this was some horrific convergence of mistakes and bad judgements that resulted in the loss of so many souls. For me, it's wondering how I would have faced being a passenger on that ship. Would I have been one of the lucky first-class passengers? Or, more likely, how would I have behaved when for the hour when doom was imminent? At any rate, it's an overwhelmingly compelling story. To paraphrase one of the characters, Brock (the latter day captain in search of artifacts), once you let Titanic in, it stays with you. Knowing we're approaching its centennial makes it more poignant.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! What with all those woosh-ing noises and 3D nautical effects and the two Cokes I drank, I had to go to the bathroom twice. Wasn't crazy about that. If you're going to see Titanic in 3D at the movie theater, lay off the soda.

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  1. Somehow I got stuck going to see this with my Mom. Actually, I like going to the movies with my Mom...but not so much when I was a freshman in high school. And then, while waiting in line for tickets some woman near us assumed that as the movie has been out for awhile we'd already seen it...and proceeded to ruin it for us. Ugh!


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