Friday, April 06, 2012


This week's challenge: Write a response between 33 and 333 words long and uses the words listed below. Use the words however you wish, but make sure that all three appear in your response.  Oh, and they must appear in order.

  1. cacophony
  2. soap
  3. insects

Her displeasure was impossible to miss. In fact, her pitch rose and the volume rapidly increased until they became cacophony. Pam loved that dieffenbachia, and she really hated seeing bugs on the leaves.

Was she too attached to this plant? Perhaps. But it had great sentimental value. Her husband had brought it to her in the hospital when their daughter was born, and watching it flourish and grow in her office reminded Pam of the little girl who was now flourishing and growing at pre-school.

“My God!” Her administrative assistant appeared red-faced and worried in the boss’ doorway. “Are you OK?”

“Look!” she said, pointing to spots of distress.

The older woman stood next to her boss, peered at the plant and then draped a comforting arm around Pam’s shoulder. “Not a problem, really. Nothing a little soap and water can’t fix.”

“Huh?” Pam may have earned an MBA from Wharton and become a recognized expert in the field of biotech healthcare management, but creative uses for household detergents was not in her wheel house.

“We’ll mix a little dishwashing liquid and plain tap water in your plant mister and send those insects running,” her admin said confidently.



  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I loved this! I like your writing style a lot anyway. I feel like I could be a part of many of the pieces you write - not in a narcissistic way, just because your words draw your readers in (good use of language, relatable characters).

  2. good old soap and water. :)

  3. You are awesome at this challenge!

  4. I like your use of the word: dieffenbachia. This was really a great take on the prompt.

  5. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Nice story! I like a happy ending (well, it will be happy for her because the bugs will be gone...the bugs won't be thrilled, though.)

  6. Anonymous2:30 AM

    A lovely story, and I like the happy ending, too. (I had to learn that soap trick myself! :) )

  7. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Nicely executed!

  8. Haha! As someone who just spent five hours trying to change a tire that really only needed someone competent to operate the inflating pump, I can appreciate it when something is 'just not your wheel'. Literally. One note: they in the first paragraph should be 'it', as you're referring to her voice.


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