Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Ain't Too Proud to Beg

1. What was the last thing that you begged for? For my cat Reynaldo to knock it off, to quit with the meowing and the destruction. To just please, be a little human and give me a break. Then I realized a new that he's not human, governed only by feline logic, and know resistance is futile.

2. Have you ever lost a best friend after a fight? It wasn't a "fight," really. But in mid-February, after knowing one another for decades, Kathy's transgressions finally reached critical mass.

3. When was the last time you just wanted to be invisible? On a plane, soon after the New Year 2012 dawned. I was awakened by the incredibly loud snores of a fellow traveler. Then I realized, that noisy snorer was me.

4. Which room of your home tends to be the messiest? Right now, every room but the den. Because the door is closed and I never go in it. The rest of the place is an explosion of shoes and laundry and souvenirs (I just got back from vacation).

5. You are to be locked in a room forever with a celebrity. You get to choose. Who do you pick? I have two different choices, depending on my mood. For passion, Bruce. The Boss. A fine figure of an AARP member and a sensitive and smart artist/social commentator. For fun, Bill Clinton. I have always been impressed by his expansive intellect and amused by his joie de vivre. One thing for sure, no matter which "roomie" I got, I wouldn't be bored. (Here's something to tip the scales in Bill's favor -- at some point the Secret Service would come looking for him and get us out of that locked room.)

6. Has someone ever left another person to be with you? No.

7. What’s been kind of a drag for you lately? Family. My kid sister is playing up the martyrdom thing again and it makes me tired. (What? You haven't heard of my kid sister? She's a lunch mom who works two hours/day, nine months/year and has only one child -- a 12 year old -- at home, yet she's without a doubt the busiest, most beleaguered woman in the United States!)

8. How are you different from your (current or most recent) significant other? He smoked and was, at his most open spiritually, agnostic.

9. What is the most perverted thing someone has ever said to you? "Do you ever wonder how it feels to have a man's tongue in your ear?" I was a school girl and he was a relative. It was only the sad beginning of his decades-long harassment.


  1. Smoking is a big deal breaker. I waited for my "moment" to be with a lady at a bar. When we kissed goodnight she said, "Yuck you smoke." I never called her. It was quite the story.

  2. Your logic for #5 deserves a round of applause!

  3. I was a lunch lady. I did it to see my daughter at recess. It's a good way to check out the other kids and find out about the teachers. It was amazing how well-educated the other moms/lunch ladies were.

    Have a great Saturday!

  4. I had to stop to read about Kathy, everyone has a relative like your sister, mine is a SIL. #9 is icky. I had an older cousin like that. He turned out to be really bad, and is in jail now.


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