Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have been waiting around almost all day -- I mean that literally -- waiting for the air conditioner repairman. He left here with my through-the-wall unit at about noon and here it is, 7:30, and it's still not back. I called him at 6:00 for an update and he said he'd call me back "in half an hour," but that didn't happen. And now I won't be getting the air conditioner back until Sunday. AARGH!

I'm trying not to be upset. His entire operation is just two guys -- he does this picking up and delivering while his partner is in the shop, cleaning and repairing. This record-breaking spring heatwave has folks all over town turning on our units for the first time in six months and saying, "What the fuck?" He's doing everything he can to get all of the ac's turned around same day. And there aren't a lot of repair outlets that will even bother with through-the-wall units. I don't feel like spending $500 or $600 on a new one if I can get by with spending $110 to repair the existing one.

But this is not the way I wanted to spend my Saturday! It's hot in here! And, except for about an hour running errands, I've been in here. Waiting, waiting, waiting, like Aunt Bea behind bars.

And thinking about how the temporary crown I got last Saturday popped off. Sometimes it feels like nothing goes right.

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  1. What a wasted day! Bummer. But you're right it is worth the wait.


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