Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

Did you know there's a difference between not responding at all and not responding immediately? Apparently there is.

For the last couple weeks I have been emailing my best friend about some things that have been weighing heavily on me: most notably my "friend" Kathy and an ex who just keeps popping up like a demonic Jack in the Box Clown.

My best friend made it very plain that he doesn't feel equipped to "advise" me on these things. I have responded that I don't want "advice," I want his support. He said "OK," and then … nothing. For days.

This left me hurt, sad, lonely, preoccupied. Finally I confronted him. He seemed surprised that I was tying myself up in knots about this. "Your issues are  complicated and I do feel a significant pressure to respond appropriately. More to come ..."


I don't know why I doubted him. He has always displayed a lot of common sense. 

I guess I have to work at being patient. And trusting. I can do this. My own life would be easier if I learned/lived this. It would result in less drama, and let's face it, I don't need to create drama -- life tosses it at me just naturally.

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  1. Oh, I am often like your friend--that I don't say anything because I'm formulating my answer.


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