Friday, January 13, 2012

I wish John Forsythe was my dad

Andy Taylor used to be my fantasy father, but he's been replaced by Bentley Gregg, the main character of Bachelor Father.

Played by John Forsythe, Bentley is a well-to-do, never-married Beverly Hills attorney with a beautiful ranch house, a house boy named Peter, a dog named Jasper, and, suddenly, a teenage daughter. His niece, Kelly. She moves in with Bentley and Peter after her parents are killed in a tragic car accident.

The show ran from 1957 to 1962, and ended with Kelly enrolling in college. I imagine that Bentley was something of a heart throb back in the day. The show's plots all seem to revolve how irresistible he finds women, and how they feel the same way about him.

But I love how he talks to her. He always calls Kelly, "darling" or "dear." He takes her seriously and listens to her. He knows all her friends and all her friends' parents. He encourages her in everything she tries to do.

Sigh. When I watch reruns and find myself jealous of a girl on Bentley's arm, it's always Kelly I'd like to switch places with.

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