Wednesday, June 08, 2011



This is Paul McCartney's birthday month, and I'm celebrating by devoting each of my June TT's to his life and his career.

Today, here are 13 recent movies that wisely included his tunes.

1) The Social Network. "Baby, You're a Rich Man."

2) Dinner for Schmucks. "The Fool on the Hill."

3) Grown Ups. "Goodnight Tonight."

4) Did You Hear About the Morgans? "Dance Tonight" and "We Can Work It Out."

5) Evan Almighty. "Revolution."

6) Shrek the Third. "Live and Let Die."

7) Happy Feet. "Golden Slumbers"

8) The Lake House. "This Never Happened Before."

9) Cheaper by the Dozen. "Help!"

10) The Cat in the Hat. "Getting Better."

11) Love, Actually. "All You Need Is Love."

12) Bowling for Columbine. "Happiness Is a Warm Gun."

13) Vanilla Sky. "Vanilla Sky" (Oscar nominated for Best Original Song)

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  1. Nice! I've got some songs to look up now :)

    Happy TT,

    Wolf's Glory

  2. Oh, didn't know. I learned something. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Even this die-hard Lennonophile must bow to the greatness which is Sir Paul. Thanks for remembering. Maybe my next 13 will be some kinda tribute to John. What a team, eh?

  4. I've started a new blog meme that posts on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please stop by and check it out here:

  5. Sir Paul's song made Vanilla Sky. I remember liking that soundtrack, I must dig it out.

  6. Cool list. Wasn't "Live and Let Die" also in a Bond movie? Or am I remembering totally confused? I do that, you know, more and more.

  7. Proud to say I know most of the movies and the music! Great list.

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  9. I love hearing Paul's music in movies! I was thrilled to hear "Goodnight Tonight" in Grown Ups :)

  10. I love lists like this! I'm a trivia fanatic.

    Hope you'll check out my TT post:

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  11. Great list. I love Paul McCartney. No More Tears in Heaven is so sad, but beautiful. Happy T13!

  12. Thank you. I appreciate the advice more than you know. I am focusing on following your guidelines. To thy own self be true, right? I am tickled you want to see the cat site. Well, its up. And please, any advice is welcome from you always. When you have time, its here:


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