Monday, December 20, 2010

This just in

Had a pair of conversations with my accountant today regarding that ScaryGram I received from the IRS.

She went over everything about my 2008 return with a fine-tooth comb and then discussed it with her boss. Our response is going to be an amended return, which not only shows that I do not owe money but, in fact, deserve an additional refund of about $200!

Don't you just love happy endings?

I told her that with the holidays, I may not be able to get the form filled out and returned to our federal friends until after the New Year. She told me it won't make a difference, that they aren't known to be prompt about processing amended returns and issuing refunds and I probably won't have cash in hand until after April, anyway.

No matter. Not only do I not have to worry, I have a few bucks coming my way ... someday.



  1. YEY! That's how manifesting works! :)


  2. Late to the party as usual - but I am glad your accountant helped you out. The IRS has to assume a full tax liability because they do not know what did or did not happen. Just what was reported by one party and not another. These letters scare the crap out of people and it would be nice if they explained that little caveat but of course they don't. Our clients get them all the time. The amendment you are filing will fix everything. How nice to be getting cash back!


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