Thursday, June 10, 2010

Behold the Stanley Cup Champions

Congratulations, Blackhawk fans! Enjoy it.


  1. From the wife of a flyers fan, I say Congrats. Both teams fought hard but Chicago had the momentum.

    I hope the Flyers make it into another SC in Duty's lifetime because he was (secretly) heartbroken not to go to one of the games. His idiot nephew scored FREE tix and didn't take him and he said it was okay but I was FURIOUS because they've always shared their love for the Flyers and when it came down to it, he blew Duty off. I am now hard-core grudge-holding just because. (The Universe loves me because said idiot nephew got a flat tire on the way home at midnight. HA! ---> so not love and light of me. I am still human after all.

  2. I was kind of rooting for the Flyers-but oh well.

    Yesterday I was working during the game and every time someone scored someone called us on the registers with the updated score. It was kind of funny.


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