Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stolen from today's Tribune

Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune referred to Tim Urban as, "The second coming of Bobby Sherman." Watching American Idol tonight, and having once been a 12 year old girl myself, I get it, and predict Tim will be on for weeks to come. Tonight, as he stared into the camera and crooned, I wished he would just blink. But I know that if I was watching as a lovestruck junior high school girl, tonight I'd pretend my pillow was Tim. Simon is right -- no matter how bad the judges (and I) think he is musically, it doesn't matter because he's got "the look."


  1. I didn't realize Bobby had those long bangs, too. I guess everything old is new again.

    And, I agree with the judges and you: Tim was not great tonight and he does need to blink.

  2. To be honest, his head looks too small for the rest of his blown up body.


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