Sunday, February 07, 2010

Buy this book

I did.

The author, Sarah Levy, is more than ambitious and successful. She's also completely adorable and has a very generous spirit. I met her this afternoon at a local booksigning and she not only autographed a copy for niece, the budding chef, she also gave me her card and so my niece can contact her with questions about life in the culinary biz.


  1. i think i have seen her on the food network.

  2. My middle daughter wants to be a pastry chef. I've been looking for the author's tour info, but I don't see anything. I'm sure she'd love the book, though.

  3. Oh, if only my sweet Goddaughter of Love were still around, I'd be buying her that book in a second! She loved baking and cooking and especially loved decorating cakes and cupcakes.

    If I knew of someone who would love that book, I'd buy it for them in honor of Lauren. (If you know someone who would love it, Gal, let me know, k?)


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