Sunday, December 27, 2009

Of Zoey and Jeremy and Neil

It wasn't a good Christmas and I just can't shake it. Perhaps someday I will blog about the details, but I can't right now. Instead I'm comforting myself by wondering how the kids at the children's home -- Zoey and Jeremy and Neil -- enjoyed their presents.

Zoey got the coat she asked for, in pink, with along with a pair of Dora the Explorer sunglasses. I tossed in the sunglasses because I wanted her to have a little fun, just in case the coat is a tad utilitarian a gift. I bought Jeremy sweats and a miniature book about Rudolph because a clothes gift can be lightened with some reindeer games. And Neil got the pajamas he asked for, plus a picturebook tie-in to Disney's 3-D Christmas Carol with Marley's apparition on the cover because ghouls can be cool to an 8-year-old boy.

I also think about my donations to the toy drive at work -- especially the special retelling of Marley and Me and the package of holiday-themed lipglosses, hoping that a kid with an affinity for pets and a girl who dreams of make-up received them.

I am fortunate that giving can fill me with joy. That I have enough imagination to visualize faces to go with the names. It means I have happy memories to attach to Christmas 2009, no matter what. I don't want to become like my friend, John, who refers to December 25 as "just a day."


  1. I'm sorry it wasn't the best of Christmasses. But you're right, you made the day for some kids that could really use it. That's the best part of the holiday.

  2. Oh sister girl, I'm sorry that things were sucky. You have such a good heart and I just want to go and thwack those who aren't seeing it.

    Send me a THWACK! list and I'll send my angel group to give them a talking to.


  3. aww, am sorry to hear that christmas was not as planned :(. I had some holiday drama that kinda ruined mine as well but it happens, you are so nice to donate thoose toys and Ia m glad it brings you joy when you think about it! :). Hoping you have a better New Year's!


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