Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year, New Template

It was time for a change. This is bolder and cleaner. Perhaps it's foreshadowing what's in store for 2010. (What do you think, Snarks?)


  1. YOWZA! I thought I had bopped onto a whole different blog! Give a chick some notice, hey? :-)

    Definitely bolder and cleaner but I admit that I miss your prim and proper green. Whenever I saw that template elsewhere, it reminded me of you!

    I think this brings new energy and perhaps a shift in your blogging vibration. We can all use that!

  2. OMG---change. Change is very bad. Until I get used to it. ;-)

  3. I agree with Lise I will miss you old set up it was very nice :) but this one will also be good :) afterall I care about the content not what surrounds it !!

  4. It's different and I like it! Did you do it yourself?

  5. Very retro-mod! Definitely a bolder, cleaner look. Nice work!


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