Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good, gimmicky fun

As I was finishing my Christmas shopping, I impulsively slipped in and saw Jim Carrey as Scrooge in the 3-D Disney Christmas Carol. A pretty faithful retelling, the movie reinforced my holiday spirit, and it was fun to sit there in the dark wearing those goofy glasses.

I am now done with my Christmas shopping. Last gift: moisturizer spray for my boss. Hopefully the pump spray will enable him to treat the dry skin on his back, and he won't have to wriggle against my doorway to alleviate that itch anymore. I mean, he' s supposed to be an authority figure. Perhaps this will help him maintain his dignity.


  1. LOL! What a kind and thoughtful person - wanting to help him keep his dignity. More reasons why I loves ya!

    (Umm, what did you get me?? I don't so much care about the dignity part, btw. heh)

  2. I almost went to see it, but it wasn't in 3-D. That was a bummer.

    Congrats on finishing the shopping. I'm about half done.