Friday, September 18, 2009

Where's that beer cart?

You know how annoying it is when little things somehow become big, hairy things?

Before he left for the day, my boss let me know that next week he's going to be tied up in the studio (which is on another floor) and not around very much. I am the only one of the team he shared this with.

We have a pair of assignments that must be presented to the client this coming Thursday. I let the art directors know that even though Boss Man said he wanted to see things Monday afternoon, his mind no longer seems to be in our projects because of the studio work and it makes sense to send him an invitation via computer, choosing a time when they agree they'll be ready on Monday. That way they have a deadline to work toward, and my boss can plan his studio time around that Monday afternoon meeting.

"No," said the art director I'm partnered with. "We'll just catch him and show him when we're ready."

But, I explained again, he made it plain to me he wouldn't be around this floor very much on Monday, so the whole "catching him" thing may not happen.

She replied that "he knows he needs to see this stuff, he knows when it's due." She maintained that sending him a formal invitation and getting on his calendar would be "redundant."

Now my portion of these projects -- the writing -- is done. It's all up to the art directors to take it from here. I can't possibly know how long it will take them to complete their portions. I know that, in order for us to meet the deadline, my boss needs to see everything and request his changes by end of day Monday. I also know that he made it abundantly clear that his focus next week is going to be on broadcast, not our print projects.

I don't KNOW why there is such resistance to setting a time on Monday, but I suspect it's because my art director has been farting around today and isn't anywhere near as done as she should be or expected to be.

I backed out of the art department and fled for the sanctuary of my office. Monday is going to be a cluster fuck, but I refuse to "mother" three art directors, especially since the youngest is nearly 40. I'm just going to keep my head down and hope that the Friday Beer Cart gets here early. Then I'm goin' home!


  1. You've got a good plan for Monday. Duck and cover.

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I really hate having to depend on other people for projects. I'd rather do everything myself-that way, I'm responsible. I couldn't work where you work.


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