Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Queen's Meme #5

Completed because I am "terminally single." And because Mimi is my Queen and she told me to.

#6 The Bachelor's Dating Meme

Are you up for the challenge? Take a look at these seven dating profile headlines from real dating sites. Imagine you are trying to find a date and these gems have just landed in your inbox. How would you respond to them? Write a comeback response to each one. Be sarcastic, be funny, be brave! Spelling errors not my own. Names and locations have been changed to protect the terminally single.

1. Birdbrain looking for a mate. Good luck with that.

2. Where Are All The Bad Girls? I don't know. I stopped being any type of "girl" approximately 30 years ago.

3. A Good Woman Is Hard To Fine. That's because we commit no major infractions.

4. Does God Know You've Escaped From Heaven? Yes. Before I left He warned me to avoid men like you.

5. I Put the Fun in DysFUNctional. Then you're probably a relative of mine and we shouldn't intermingle.

6. Does this profile make me look fat? No, but it does make you appear trite.

7. I'm a no nonsince person with little tolorrance for stupitity. Congratulations. You have left me speechless. That's very hard to do. Please accept your parting gift on the way out.


  1. LOL on #5! Are we cousins?

  2. hahahah I am not sure I could come up with any better responses than that! :) Most especially that last one. Goodness. I would love to write personal ads for people. Most of the ones out there are so horrid.

  3. "We commit to major infractions."

    The sad part is that these are not made up. They are real. And not even the worst of the lot.

    You should add your brilliant snark to my site's comments. We have a lot of fun with it. You rocked this one!

  4. ahahaha i can say the same for #5 lol

    great answers!


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