Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, I'm just staring at the phone

It's almost 11:00 and my doctor still hasn't called me back to discuss IT.

Of course, it is Monday. He has two days of messages to return. I'm sure he has to confer with the radiologist, and who knows what his schedule is. I realize it's not very reasonable to expect a call within the first 2 hours of his day.

But I want one!

And damn, wouldn't you know my main client contact (the one who reviews my work and requests next steps) is taking a long weekend and won't be back until Wednesday. This means I won't be swamped with glorious work to take my mind off of IT. Because of the All-Star break, there's no Cub game, either.

I'm looking at a postcard given to me by my friend in Key West: "I WILL NOT OBSESS. I WILL NOT OBSESS. I WILL NOT OBSESS." Let's see if I can live by that.

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  1. So, any word? I was thinking about you all day!


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