Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, no you don't. Not again.

I was the first one to arrive at a meeting this afternoon. The second was the art director I work with most often. Just making conversation, I told her that I was getting my hair cut this weekend. I have tried it longer and it's just not working. After my workout today, it just went BOOOOINNNG -- curling this way and that.

She told me I just hadn't tried hard enough. I need to get a "better" cut, with layers. Then I could just add a little product and scrunch. Or maybe take a round brush and blow it dry. A "better" cut and the willingness to make my hair look nice -- that's all I need.

I do not intend to blow dry my hair every day twice a day -- once after my shower in the morning and then again after my workout. As my hair gets longer, I can't control the curls and cowlicks, and so it's got to go.

I also didn't ask for her opinion.

Last time the Art Director did this to me, she hurt my feelings. Then she told me that all I needed to be very nice looking was new clothes, new makeup and new hair. It left me feeling sad that I was so homely. Today I just remembered that it's my hair, seeing as it's growing out of my head and all, and so if I want it cut off, it goes. She'll just have to adjust.


  1. It's interesting that we are both slightly obsessed with our hair today and wrote about it in a post.
    I wont' be cutting mine, however, just a teensy-weensy trim. Frizz, curls, wildness, whatever, it stays.

    Your Art Director sounds just downright witchified. Insecure, perhaps? Does she have a life? Must she ruin yours with bitchy barbs?

  2. When I was young..I had beautiful long "dark" hair...and I loved all the work I put into making myself up. Now .... it is all about comfort. I have been told I have great hair color...given to me by God...and I do love the silver locks. I love short, spikey hair..and it is a fast up and go hair style. The least time I spend in front of a mirror ...makes me happy.
    This lady is very say the least. Do not listen to anything she has to is all BS...pardon that!!!

  3. Did you point out to the art director that all she needed to be really nice was a few lessons in tact?


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