Monday, April 27, 2009

Mom Update

She's SCRUBBING in the kitchen! It began with her discovering that her kitchen sink was stopped up. Once she fixed that, she noticed that the sink really needed a good cleaning and from there it hit her that the kitchen just looked neglected and she was inspired to get on it.

Saturday night she went to my sister's house to watch my niece and nephew play with their new WII.

She's come a long way in a little more than a week. Being more active makes her happy and I'm proud of her.


  1. YEY MOM!! I am glad to hear she's feeling better. Please send her over here to scrub my sink when she's done! :)

  2. Go Mom! She can come by my house anytime!

    Glad to hear she's doing so much better.

  3. So glad she's feeling better! Must make you feel better, too.

  4. Great News, I know this makes you feel better too!

  5. Wooo Hoo! It's good to be feeling scrub-worthy!

  6. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Glad to hear your mom is cleaning. It's a very positive sign. Really. I never seem well enough to even attempt housework, so your mom must be doing just great!

    give her a hug for me!

    your ol' pal


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