Sunday, April 05, 2009

Look who represents us!

I'm watching the "week in review" coverage of the President's European trip and his speech in Prague today, and I'm so proud. And relieved.

My job looks OK through the summer, but that's as far into the future as it goes. And that's just the regular baseball season. (Of course, as a Cub fan, I'm dreaming of a post-season ... as an employee, I'd like one, too.) It's not like I'm comfortable enough to develop a 1-year personal financial plan, much less a 5-year plan.

The world is a scarier place than I can fathom. Pakistan and Afghanistan are a mess. Israel has brought back Netanyahu, never exactly open to playing well with others. Look! Up in the sky! Is that a ballistic missile sent up by Korea?

It's the nation and the world George W. Bush helped in no small way to shape. I'm just glad he's not out there making it all worse, either by his his arrogance or neglect.

Instead we're represented by a man who relishes diversity and espouses hope and change at a time when the world seems thirsty for it. And, of course, Michelle. Jackie for a new generation.

I realize that this trip may have been a triumph of style over substance. But that's OK. For the "wanted, dead or alive" cowboy image we had abroad was toxic. The crowds in Prague to hear the President speak about a safer future warmed my heart.

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  1. I totally agree.
    They represented us brilliantly.


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