Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you can't be with the one you love

I want to be true to Mr. Rowing Machine. I've been told he's the best for me at this time of my life. But what's a gal to do when her Mr. Right isn't available? She has to settle for Mr. Right Now ...

You see, there's the downtown health club I try to go to (with only limited success) at lunchtime and there's my neighborhood health club I go to on weekends and evenings if I've missed by lunchtime workout. The personal trainer I met with on Saturday gave me sound reasons* why Mr. Rowing Machine should be my workout partner of choice. But the downtown health club doesn't have a rowing machine! So I had to make do with the elliptical.

I am enormously proud of myself. As of today, I've already completed 10 of my target 13 monthly workouts ... and it's only the 14th! I hope I start seeing results so I will be compelled to keep moving, even after this initial burst of enthusiasm wears off.

* Low impact and easy on my feet and knees, good for my shoulders and back -- which spend hours jus as they are now, hunched over a keyboard


  1. Did you ever read any of my Gym Rats posts? I miss my Gym Rats - but I don't think I would ever miss a Rowing Machine. I prefer the Eliptical thank you very much.

  2. It's not a matter of preference. It's what's better for this old gal's aching shoulders.

  3. I need to become acquainted with both of those machines.


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