Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For anyone who has been curious ...

This is a self portrait of The Gal Herself. Really.


  1. Thanks for sharing - it's always nice to see the face behind the words. (And it's not too far off from the picture I had in my mind. :))

  2. I had your hair all wrong. But I knew you'd have gorgeous eyes.

  3. What a loving smile, caring eyes and you ARE a beautiful girl!!!
    Thank you!

  4. Luv this! Very Warhol-esque!

    You look pretty dang near to what I imagined - great smile, inquisitive eyes...you "look" like someone I'd enjoy hangin' out with! (Plus, I just BET you say things like "Mc-Dah-nald's", and Chi-cah-go", and "Wanna go with?"...and, I could have fun jabbin' ya about it!! LoL...)

    You Look Mah-velous, Dah-ling!!


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