Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is what vacation mode looks like

Here's a photo of the very slippers I am wearing as I post this. Restoration Hardware refers to them as "a toasty treat for the feet." And so they are.

I've been up more than 2 hours and haven't really done a damn thing. Haven't even showered or fed the cats! (They have pretty much given up on me -- only Rey continues to remind me that we have a schedule around here and I'm not adhering to it.) Out the window all I see is wet and cold and snow, and it occurs to me that if I don't want to go outside today, I don't have to.

Vacation mode is a wicked and seductive beast!


  1. love the shoes! enjoy every moment of your vacation....God knows we all need them!

  2. Oh, they look warm and toasty.
    But please, feed the cats.

    I am so over being jealous of this vacation!! Sooooo over it! Sooo over that you are on vacation and I am not.

    Can you tell I'm over it?

  3. Enjoy your vacation!! When do you leave for the spa?