Sunday, March 29, 2009

She's making me very nervous

My mom, that is. She swears that all she has is a cold. Yet last night she had the chills so bad that she slept wearing her winter coat under the covers. Her cough has left her voice raspy and she's weak. Yet she never took her own temperature and may, or may not, call the her doctor tomorrow.

She's over 70 and it was almost a year ago that she was sick enough with similar symptoms (cough, fatigue) that she ended up hospitalized with emphysema and pneumonia.

I will check on her again tomorrow, even though I can tell she's getting pissed at me for being so "bossy." ("Go to the doctor" … "Take your temperature" … "Can you take aspirin or Advil?") I don't want to go away on vacation at all if it appears she's going back into the hospital again.

This mother/daughter role reversal is a bitch.


  1. I hear ya. I had it for a LONG time but what I came to realize is that my mom was an adult, capable of making her own (IMO, suckass) decisions and I eased up a bit.

    Go on your spa vacation, dearest. You've more than earned it and trust that your mom will be fine. You can't force her to do anything and fretting about it won't make an difference. (Although I, like you, am a major league fretter!)

    I can't wait to hear all about your trip! Have a wonderful time!


  2. Thank you for the empathy/sympathy. I'm still going about my business as if I'm leaving tomorrow. It's good to know there's another "major league fretter" out there who reads and understands!

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