Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Hate Her

I do. Hate her.

SHE would be the hideous woman who cheated on my Adorable Friend, broke his heart, and is making their divorce drag on and on and on because she is a lawyer and knows the system so well. She also has one bitchin' sense of entitlement for a woman who cheated on him and broke his heart.

My Adorable Friend was let go at 9:00 this morning. By 9:36, he was at home, calling me for contacts. He doesn't have time to mourn the loss of this job. He has to get a new job right away because he is busy doing battle with her, and courtroom battles are expensive.

As a married couple, they had two (now still very small) children and a ton of possessions. She seems to be so obsessed with winning that she's forgotten to differentiate between the two. He's afraid that she will use his now unemployed status to demean him as a father/provider in the eyes of the court.

Thank you for letting me vent. Telling him how appalled and angry I am at her does no good right now. He's feeling desperate, and the only thing that will comfort him today is the kind of activity that feels like problem-solving. But he is too good a man, too devoted a dad, for this to be happening and it makes me sooooooo mad!

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