Monday, February 02, 2009

God Bless Ticketmaster

I know I'm probably in the minority on this, but I loooove using Ticketmaster. For Bruce Springsteen tickets went on sale this morning at 10:00, and by 10:07 I had my seat assignment (Section 103, Row 10).

I love Bruce. Always have, always will. But pointing and clicking is so much easier than waiting in line at the box office or hitting redial over and over again. I'm old, I'm tired. I like easy.

Besides, paying just $19.50 in shipping/handling for a face-value ticket that gets me on the lower level for THE BOSS is a bargain.

Yes, I am now entering the fourth month of worrying about my job security. Of course, it's stressful to come in every day just to feel the axe on the back of my neck. Alright, I am suffering from a vague dissatisfaction/disappointment with my entire life. Sure, it's probably not healthy that the fictional heroine I've related to the most lately is Kate Winslet/April Wheeler from Revolutionary Road. But you know what? So what! Soon it's gonna be Boss Time in Chicago and I'll be there.

Isn't the world a beautiful place this morning?

Thank you, Ticketmaster.

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  1. Springsteen tickets??! You lucky gal!

    What a great way to start the week...and, wasn't he *wonderful* at the half-time show??!! (and my boyz took home their 6th superbowl win last nite, so MY week is startin' out pretty freakin' good too, I tell ya!!


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