Monday, December 29, 2008

Trying to let it go

Almost a week ago, on 12/23, my office closed for the holiday. Coworkers started filing out at about 3:30. I stuck around because, well, that's what I do.

A little after 4:00, my boss' boss' admin (the secretary to Mr. Big) was asked to please stick around until 5:00. Our HR representative showed up after 4:00, as well. I thought she was just doing her pre-Christmas Woman of the People number and I came out of my office to give her a hug. (It's her first Christmas since her father's death.) She looked genuinely surprised to see me.

Now why were Mr. Big, the HR rep and an admin stuck in the office right before the office closes until January 5?

Also, while we didn't receive bonuses this year, our paychecks were direct deposited early. We got our 12/31 checks on 12/23. Yes, it was nice to have it early, but was it really done to make our holidays easier? Or so that they wouldn't owe any of us any money on January 5 if they lay us off?

Will I return to the office to receive a pink slip? Or to watch my coworkers get axed? I'm leaving for Key West tomorrow -- so does thinking about this serve any purpose at all? The answer to that last one is no. My airfare and a portion of my hotel is paid for already so there's no reason to fret about the cost of the trip. If I'm being laid off, my name is already on a list and the forms are in work. So I'm trying to let it go.

It's 77º in Key West right now. It's supposed to precip-free and just under 80º every day I'm there. I'm trying to concentrate on that instead.


  1. Maybe you got a heads up, maybe you didn't. I'm hoping, for you, the latter. Try to have a good time in Key West (easy for me to say, huh?). You are soooo smart to have prepared yourself financially for the short-term in case this happened. I don't think many Americans would have had the foresight to do that.

    Holding good thoughts for you!
    (and drink a few chocolate martinis while you're there...maybe one for me too!)

  2. Oh, how I love Key West. Our weather is amazing right now--a whopping 80 degrees and no end in site. Just amazing, and I'm 6 hours north of Key West in NE FL. Enjoy your trip--you've got a great start on that "let it go" Key West attitude!

  3. It is a very scary time. When I finally left radio it was because of the lack of job security. Now the situation is everywhere. Enjoy your vacation. Worrying will just ruin your time. It won't help at all...

  4. You've got the right attitude for vacation, ain't nothing you can do right now about your job. Have a good time and soak up some rays for me.

  5. Thanks, everybody. I am trying to be zen about all this. Maybe listening to Jimmy Buffett would help ...


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