Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sometimes I'm not so wise

I have known I should be wrapping gifts for about a week now. But I've been so lazy lately. And, just like the highschool Gal who furiously did her homework for first period on her lap while riding in the car pool, I spent more than two hours wrapping last night. I still have about four or five presents to go.

Will I never learn?

Hmmm ... Let's see now ... I'm 51 ... So I guess, the answer is "no." Oh well, Christmas is about love, right? Guess I better love my (oh-so longstanding) procrastinating ways.


  1. I'm surprised I managed to get shopping done (online, thank you Angels) and stuff wrapped this year with my complete "WTF" attitude going on. I am really devoid of any kind of spirit this year. Still, it will be fun to eat lasagna and crusty Italian bread tonight and open a package or two.

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas! :)

    (Do you think I might find a Cookie or two in my stocking(s)? heh)

  2. We're still not done shopping yet, so...*shrug*

    Have a Very Merry Christmas, my friend!!

  3. Snowbird1:22 PM

    Oh how I wish (almost) I were in Chicago. I have a friend who has nine children. At one time all nine were at home - and she HATED (with a passion) wrapping all those presents....and I LOVED wrapping them. So, a week before Christmas, she would lug over all the gifts for the nine little ones, rolls and rolls of paper and tape, and I would go to work! So, when Book said she was having some Santa gifts sent to Florida for the holidays, she emailed me, "would you mind wrapping them?" Silly question. Sometimes I have to stop myself from re-wrapping them in different paper! BB and LS will be so excited tomorrow when they arrive and found that, yes indeed, Santa did find them! Merry Christmas, Gal!! Snowbird

  4. It's all about working under pressure. I guess there's just some of us who subconsciously do it to ourselves, leave just a little bit left for the thrill. Merry Christmas!

  5. I do the same thing with my Christmas cards ... which is why my back was against the wire to creat & print theme over the weekend ... write personal notes ... address, stamp, stuph, and mail them Monday! Fortunately I've always worked well to deadlines ;--)
    Good luck to you with the wrapping. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. I'm wrapping and packing stuff tonight!

  7. I mailed my Christmas cards on Monday. An hour after filling them out. I figure some family members might go into cardiac arrest if they got my card in a timely manor


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