Friday, December 25, 2020

Icky, but important! Please share.

Thanksgiving was 11/26. Two Southern California families that I have personal connections to celebrated with traditional, multi-household sit-down meals.

Of the six people who attended the dinner in Hesperia, three came down with covid. Two had the more publicized symptoms -- dry cough, headache and high fever with chills -- but the third (my best friend) had diarrhea.

Of the nine who had dinner together in Chino Hills, four were concerned that they had a bad case of stomach flu, or maybe food poisoning. The two youngest (in their 30s) recovered in more than a week. Their 83-year-old grandfather was hospitalized on Wednesday, 12/23. He is spending Christmas in a fight for his life. His lady friend recovered on her own. They all had/have the corona virus.

I most likely contracted the corona virus on the day before Thanksgiving. I had a headache and fever, lost my sense of taste and smell, but the most severe and lasting symptom was diarrhea. I know this isn't anything you want to read about, so I'll be brief. A month later, I'm still on a restricted diet.*

So spread the word: If you have diarrhea for more than two days, CALL YOUR DOCTOR! Yes, it may be food poisoning. But it could very well be covid. And you could be contagious!

I know it's not a very merry Christmas message, but I want everyone who reads this to be smart and stay healthy.

*Though I'm getting better every day and had a roast beef sandwich for Christmas! (I've missed beef so much that it felt like a Christmas Miracle.)

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  1. This is important. Sending recovery vibes to all.