Thursday, July 09, 2020

Tipping tuckers me out

Yesterday, one guy delivered and installed two air conditioners. He did it alone on a hot day. He worked quickly and efficiently. I appreciated his efforts and showed my gratitude with $15 and a small bottle of cold water.

It's over and done and I'm glad I did it. But tipping appliance/furniture delivery men still befuddles me.

•  My niece, who works for a high-end appliance retailer in Michigan, told me that her delivery staff doesn't expect gratuities. She said that she checks Yelp and Google reviews and if any of the deliveries are singled out as a positive experience, or if someone calls and mentions their delivery, her company will make sure they get a bonus in their checks at the end of the month.

•  My friend Nancy told me she always slips each guy $10 because they're doing hard work that she doesn't want to/can't do herself.

•  My aunt in Florida tells me that her husband has forbidden her tipping unless the weather is over 100ยบ. He used to do deliveries on weekends when he was younger, and insists it's the store's responsibility to pay their staff, not the customer's.

•  My oldest friend buys $5 Dunkin or Subway gift cards and tells the delivery guys to have lunch or a cup of coffee on her.

What about you? Would you slip some cash to the delivery man/installer? Or would you expect the appliance store to do it?

And why, oh why, can't we have an established, published set of rules for tipping? I'd be ever so grateful!


  1. When I had my bed delivered 2 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long!) there was confusion about the removal of my old box spring and mattress--I paid for removal but it wasn't on their call sheet, and I got emotional and when they took them, I gave the guys each a tip.

  2. I tipped the guys who brought us our mattress on June 10. It was hazardous to them (and us) and they were in and out in record time, but I still gave them each $10. I give the UPS man cold water but not tips. I asked the FedEx woman if she needed any water or anything but she said she was good. My rule is if they are moving something heavy and bringing in my home, I tip. Just delivering, they get a bottle of water.