Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Borrowed from Kwizgiver

If you don't read Kwizgiver, you should!
This is me. Most days I'm fine. Some days I'm depressed. Occasionally I'm scared.

I wish I was one of the silly live-free-or-die, fight-the-tyranny, blame-Obama's-deep-state crowd. Then I'd be fixating on my imagined "oppression" ("Masks infringe on my rights!") instead of worry that I, or someone I love, will contract the virus.

But that's not me.

I believe in STEM. I also believe that God promises me eternal life, but not necessarily an easy one here on earth. So I worry about the virus. I worry about the economy. I get scared.

Then I say a little prayer, remind myself that I'm lucky and loved, and I get on with it.

Because even when I'm not doing my best, I'm still doing.

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  1. I sent that to some students who are experiencing anxiety. And told them we'll make it.


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