Friday, April 10, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: The Easter Bunny Bop (2015)

1) This song encourages little ones to celebrate Easter by doing a little dance. Do you feel like dancing this morning? I'm trying to get into the spirit of the holiday. Not quite there yet.

2) Everyone in this video is wearing bunny ears. Target, Amazon and other retailers sell bunny ear headbands sized for adults and priced at about $5. Will you be wearing bunny ears, or perhaps a more conventional chapeau, this weekend? Or, because of the corona virus, will your Easter attire be the same as any other day? Jeans and a t-shirt. No reason to dress up. I'll be live streaming our church service.

3) This week's featured artists, The Bounce Patrol Kids, are a children's entertainment juggernaut: CDs, DVDs, downloads, and t-shirts. Additionally, they often update their YouTube channel because they want children the world over to have access to their upbeat, energetic songs for free. Besides the Bounce Patrol, what's the last YouTube video you watched? Randy Rainbow. Loooooove him.

4) According to Forbes magazine, the average American household spends $20.66 on candy each Easter. Will you be consuming candy this weekend? Probably not. I like my sweets, but I tend toward bakery and ice cream.

5) The biggest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy, measured 34 feet tall and weighed a staggering 15,000 lbs. Do you thinks it's possible to have too much chocolate? Yes. I've had too much chocolate/sugar and felt logy afterward.
6) After chocolate, the top-selling Easter candy is Peeps Marshmallow Chicks. They're so popular that, in 2018, they were the subject of a Jeopardy clue. Do you often watch Jeopardy? Nope

7) Jelly beans are also popular this time of year. In a 2019 poll, jelly bean fans responded that Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn is their favorite flavor. Sam is crazy about cherry. Do you have a favorite? Red licorice.

8) We've been talking a lot about sweets this morning. The only holiday that generates more candy sales is Halloween. When do you eat more candy: Easter or Halloween? Halloween.

9) Easter is considered the season of rebirth. What makes you feel refreshed or rejuvenated? I'm always in a good mood after a shower.


  1. A good shower can sure make you feel like a brand new person at times. Happy Easter, Gal!

  2. I love Randy Rainbow too...but you know that!

  3. I read this morning in the Times that removal of the shut-in policies will raise the death toll considerably. I am glad you're still employed, although I can see where retirement has its glitter. Your post about the woman who disbelieved the government and died of the virus is eye-opening and I wish a lot of people around here could read it. They act like they're on some kind of vacation.

  4. YES! I love a good shower.
    So, my husband was looking at one of the proposals for the baseball season and one of them has the Cubs/Cardinals not even playing one another. I hate that one. My Timehop came up the other day that it was opening day and we were playing the Cubs. It made me so sad. Ok enough about baseball. :*( Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  5. Oh, Randy Rainbow is such a hoot!

  6. It is hard to get into the Easter spirit this year. I did a Zoom meeting with my brother's family and a toast but it wasn't the same as sitting around a table together